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New York, NY –  August, 29 2016/ #HarlemYES


Providing resources for future entrepreneurs and urban innovators – Esperanza Preparatory Academy will be hosting The 2016 Harlem Youth Entrepreneurs Summit (#HarlemYES), whose mission is to promote and develop the ideas and businesses of young innovators via the following avenues; informational workshops, communal resources, and peer networking. The summit was created in response to the current needs of local emerging entrepreneurs who are seeking resources to assist in the cultivation of their progressive ventures.

Louisville, KY-August 11, 2014/ Inspiring a crop of new female entrepreneurs

The Buttafly Center is offering The Chrysalis Program, a free training program for future female entrepreneurs. The center will show individuals how to establish their businesses with community field-trips, online and public group forums, business concept workshops, community service, and a mini internship.

Louisville, KY-July 30, 2014/ God Hears Our Cries! The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children.


The event is being presented the by Spirit of Hope Miracle Center, Inc., with Angelia Schwarz-Coleman as the Key Note Speaker who is the Executive Director of Healing Families' Lives!!!!/ Come out to support an issue that is affecting our families and our community on August the 2nd!/ The Buttafly Center was one of the sponsors of this event.

Louisville, KY-June 1, 2014/ The Kay Davis Lending Library Press Release/ Building up our book at a time

(A local community agency establishes a lending library as a way to develop and cultivate the progress of women).

Louisville, KY-May 21, 2014/ 2014 Summer Arts Press Release/ Buttafly Arts/ It's Time To Get Back To Art...


Buttafly Arts uses “creativity” as a platform for community “harmony” with its 2014 Summer Arts Series in Louisville and New York City (Training School)


January 2019 -  The 2018-2019 Chrysalis Interns were invited to come on Top News Radio and talk about the Chrysalis program, which helps to develop female entrepreneurs and socialpreneurs.


November 2017-  The Buttafly Center was present in support of the #MeToo rally.  Click here to read the article.

November 2017-  The Buttafly Center was present in support of the #MeToo rally.  Click here to read the article.

March 2017-The Caterpillars, has been featured in the Winter edition of The Thornfield Review, which is an an online journal which discusses the best writing by women in all genres worldwide. Click here to read the article.


Group releases 10 Point Solution to Community Violence / Click here to read article/ December 2016

January 2016/ Talking about #TheButtaflySchool on Forward Radio with Kendra Elise


Sept, 2015/ Caught Up Radio Show, to promote NYC&WE

November, 2015, The Tia Maria Show/Promoting #TheCrowd Favorite/ The Buttafly Center, REEDMYWORDS, Young Poets

click here to hear the online broadcast.


The Buttafly Center enjoyed being a guest on the Tia Maria Show on ArtxFM Louisville/. Our topic was "Women In Business."/ Click here to hear the broadcast.

The Buttafly Center was on the S.N.A.P Radio Show on August 10, 2014 to talk about the Chrysalis Program (a program that trains future female entreprenuers).

The Chrysalis Interns are starting to get noticed! Lin- Schussler ( IndieSales Coach) gave the interns a shout out and acknowledged them as empowered women who are starting non- profits (and for profits) that are changing the world for the people in our community!!!! / September 12, 2014.

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