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Because of my deep love for books… I’ve been around

the world and back, and I have never

left my seat… -Kay Davis (writer, poet, community activist)

The Buttafly Center has established the #SheReads

Lending Library as a way to develop and

cultivate the progress of women. .


Mobile Libraries, Cultivating a Community. So, where will the collection be housed? The agency has decided to

take a unique approach to providing a library for the community. They have created an “online mobile library”

that will allow women to check out free books online and have their books delivered to them on special “mobile

days.” The library will also have established “book stations” where their collection will be accessible via host

community agencies. Tarsha Semakula, the agency's executive director, states...We are looking to partner with

local agencies to house our mobile collection on selected dates. We like the idea of delivering the books to the

women who use our library, as this gives us an opportunity to share the books with the women via our book drop visits.


   Library Guidelines


  • Adults (3 book limit)

  • 17 and under (2 book limit)

  • If you are a new patron, you will recieve a "library card" during a book visit or a "host agency" visit

  • Books will be delivered on "scheduled book visit days", please refer to our book drop delivery dates below

  • Books can be checked out for 2 weeks

  • We schedule "book pick up days."

  • Serves only the Louisville Metro Area unless the collection is housed by a "host agency" outside of Louisville

  • The library looks to partner with "host agencies and ministries that provide additional supportive services and resources to women 

Book Request Form

Please click on our book lists to select a book from our collection/ Genres are color coded.

Our next book drop/delivery date is scheduled for Fall 2016

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Ph. 502-509-3184

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