The Buttafly Center established a Partnership Collaborative with the following agencies in order to coordinate community/social services via our Chrysalis Extension and  Bridge Program.


Healing Families Lives, Inc.- Coordinated services include; referrals for domestic abuse/family violence referrals, personal development workshops,

and life skills training.


Spirit of Hope Miracle Center, Inc.- Coordinated services include; referrals for housing referrals, food pantry referrals.


Robert Jamison Ministries, Inc.-Coordinated services include; referrals for basic needs, personal development, mentorship, education and training.


Louisville Community Connectors- Coordinated services include; referrals for mentorship, and personal development.


Reignbow Solutions- Coordinated services include: referrals for career development, job/employment referrals.


Something Untouchable Dance Company- Fiscal partnership, arts programs.


reedmywords-Fiscal partnership, arts programs


MTK Entertainment 4 u- Community Partnership, per the #SheReads Campaign.


SHAPES- Community Partnership, per the West End Business School.

Protest To Progress- Community Partnership, coordinated services ; agency development programs.

Smoked Apple Theater Group- Fiscal partnership, theater arts programs.

Village Scholars Academia- Fiscal partnership, community/social education programs.

Abundant Life Prophetic Deliverance Ministries- Fiscal partnership, community/social education programs.

She Said Yes Fiscal partnership, community education programs.



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